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Payment Plan FAQ

Advance sale / payment plan orders are handled exclusively through Front Gate Tickets.

20% down payment minimum required for purchase.

6 additional monthly payments will be automatically deducted in the beginning of each month through December 2013 (unless you chose to pay in full).

No refunds / Cancellations or exchanges.

DEFAULT on payments will result in cancellation of your order, loss of deposit and ALL payments made prior to default. NO exceptions. It is 100% YOUR responsibility to manage your payment plan. Please pay attention to your bank and credit card statements to make sure your payment is deducted each month. You will have a 10 day grace period each month. If your payment is not made in full by the 10th day after the initial charge is run your order WILL BE CANCELLED and you will forfeit all monies paid up to that point to offset your default. If you need to update your payment info or billing info, then please SIGN IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT TO MAKE CHANGES. This is your responsibility.

* Travel package plans available exclusively through Valley Music Travel
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